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Doreme Pigments UK – Permanent Makeup Pigments Supplier

We are providing quality assured doreme products to permanent makeup / microblading professionals with a wide range of doreme pigments for the stylization of lips, eyebrows, eyes who look for combinations of colors for different techniques.
Doreme Pigments UK uses only the best colorants available in their Microblading products and is ideal Microblading Inks formulated to be a high pigmented permanent makeup brand that delivers quality and innovation. During the production of pigments the Ph ratings, emulsion, and particle size play an important role to reduce fading results. If you are a permanent makeup technician and looking for beautiful reliable pigments then you can buy these at the best price by Doreme Pigments UK.
There are three different lines of Doreme Permanent Makeup Pigments as there is a requirement of different thickness and consistency required for different makeup to ensure that the color does not migrate.
Doreme Pigments are suitable to be used in various techniques as it provides Doreme Pigment Color for Micropigmentation, Doreme Liquid Pigments for Permanent Makeup Machines, Doreme CONC Pigments for Microblading process.

Latest Doreme Pigments For Your Beautiful Skin

Doreme Pigments provides a wide range of products with high pigment density ensures maximum color retention. These high-quality permanent makeup pigments are certified and use the ingredients from the approved list of permanent makeup. Let’s have a look:

  1. For the pigmentation of eyebrows, eyelids, eyeliners, lips Doreme liquid series are used as they are designed in a way that they do not clog the needle nozzle and do not get thicken during treatment. 
  2. If you are looking for more than liquid then Doreme Concentrated pigments are the best ones and also there are new products for lips i.e organic lip pigments.
  3. Manufacturers also prepared three products: lip booster, brow booster, eye booster and permanent sealer for a variety of treatments.